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Neuromarketing - reaching neurorelevant Goals

A4S Neuromarketing combines psychological findings, neuroscientific insights and empirical market research know how.

Modern brain research shows that emotions are the truly powerful decision-makers in the human brain. So it is important and always fascinating to understand how the emotional systems of consumers and target groups work. What can be a great idea for one group is a disaster for another one. Products, brands and camapaigns have to reach hearts and minds. 

It ist crucial to understand that conumsers decide by emotions and that they want to reach rewarding goals by buying a certain product of a certain brand. 

Liking vs. Wanting

pexels photo 3Puppy kleinfood cold wood hand

Like it? Good.                                                            Interested? Better.                     Want it? Cheers!

Psychological and neuroscientific findings show that you may like something but not want it and on the other hand want somthing you might not necessarily like.

Mechanisms that determine attraction, wanting, reward and decisions are primarily emotionally controlled - mostly below the threshold of consciousness. Traditional research methodologies fail beause of their rational approach. You might want to identify relevant target groups and reach them successfully - use EmOpIn-Types™. Cheers!

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