A G E N T U R   F Ü R   S T R A T E G I E   U N D   E N T W I C K L U N G

Economy, Psychology and a Nobel Prize Winner

In 2002 a psychologist won the Nobel Prize in Economics: Daniel Kahnemann. Psychologist are very proud of the fact that "one of us" showed that decisions even in commerce, management and politics are higly emotional. Psychology knew that all before and neuroscientific reaserach prooves it, too: We are all intutive thinkers.

The Tale of two Systems: 

  • 1 - intuitive, automatic, unconscious and effortless, answers questions quickly through associations and resemblances.
  • 2 - conscious, slow, effortfull, home of strategy and discipline.

Just to know, that "1" ist the normal decision maker and "2" checks in only in occasion makes you a winner not only in commercial and business negotiations.

Leadership, Decisions and Communication

The way to success and performance goes hand in hand with a profound understanding of ourselves and the people we are dealing with and want or have to reach. This may concern messages (in campaigns or on an individual level) and of course decisions we have to make. At the end it is all about successfull communication. A4S uses psycological and neuroscientific insights to get you to reach your goals:


Traditional coaching and consulting might not satisfy you because they are too highly proplem centered. "Top Coaching" is "Neuro coaching" - a higher level of coaching. We take into account the latest understanding of the human mind and how it works. Top coaching is empowering because it works on you to give you the insight and the tools to be optimally effective in all levels of business efectiveness.


IGF (Insitut fuer Grundlagenforschung) and A4S combined their knowledge on market & opinion research and brain research to develop a new tool to get to a deeper level of consumers' behaviour. It is a new approach for successful communication, campaigning and presentation.

Performance and Special Challenges

Exceptional situations require specific preparations. You might expect challenging situations, difficult conversations, negotiations and presentations: unfamiliar terrain. Especially when time is pressing and the matter at the same time complex, you need powefull tools in order to perform. A4S is a reliable partner for preparing, supporting and consulting.




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